“Eating well and walking have greatly improved my health and energy. Rachel is very positive and can turn a crushing defeat into a victory of sorts; she is knowledgeable about all aspects health wellness, and lifestyle; helps set realistic achievable goals; and provides a comfortable, accepting environment where it is easy to talk.”                    –Dave W.


“I believe the integrative health approach is so critical in this age of medical specialists focusing on narrow parts of our health. You offer a holistic view on my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health that I don’t get anywhere else!”          –William T.


“Rachel made me feel buoyed from my initial self-limiting, black and white choices from anxiety and helped me see other positive options that I was unaware of.” –Jason M.


“I felt very at ease and comfortable sharing with you. You have a very understanding way about you (even over FaceTime).  I feel like you truly listened and summed up my main focal points of concern after your series of questions. It was nice to feel that I was heard. I like that you not only asked me about my food choices but also about the things that are happening in my life. It re-inforced that there are many factors that contribute to overall well-being.”  -Jen F.

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