What would a Health Coach Do?

Did you add “mass” this holiday season. I did. And not the liturgical kind.

Of course, as a health coach, I know better. If you’ve had the same experience, you probably also know better. Do you feel disappointed and drained of your usual energy and vitality like I do?  From my background in nutrition and wellness as well as from my knowledge of what works for my body, I’m pretty sure I know exactly how and why it happened. I am also well aware of the health risks of weight creep. So that’s the bad news.

Fortunately, I have a bag to tricks to get back on the wagon of my healthy habits which were previously keeping me at a healthy weight and, just as importantly, keeping me healthy in general. My goal is to get back to those patterns, lose a few pounds and feel better again. As part of my plan, I’ve decided to go public and share both my advice to self as a Health Coach, as well my the journey back to optimal health. Plenty of others are struggling right now about what to do about the numbers on the scale and/or generally getting back on the health wagon. I hope sharing my techniques and experiences will be of use.

Sure, I could have waited to start with New Year’s Resolutions, but I wanted a head start before New Year’s Eve, and my dad’s famous New Year’s Day brunch. (I will also be doing a series of blog posts on resolutions, goals, and habit change, starting New Year’s Day. And the two projects will likely intersect). In any case, if you wish to follow along with my plan, you can pick up whenever works for your situation.

Thus, I thought I’d share my journey beginning today, December 26, 2018, of getting back on track to well-being. Here’s the plan: On my From Here to Well-Being Facebook page, I hope to share twice a day: once for the a.m. weigh-in and my one healthy habit goal for the day (and an explanation of whyI chose this habit; in my second post I will reflect on how I am doing/did for the day.

For my healthy habits, mornings are easy. For me, afternoons get harder, evenings even more difficult. That’s why the second share: to keep me accountable.

It does not escape me that this project would be easier if I had more own health coach! (And if there’s a health coach out there who’d like to trade coaching, I’d totally be up for that!) Still, I believe positive change can happen with motivation and mindfulness. So here we go! To follow along, Click like on From Here to Well-being’s Facebook page. And Happy, Healthy Holidays!

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